Life Before Birth: The Hidden Script that Rules Our Lives

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Written by:
Arthur Janov, PhD
Hardcover, 324 pages
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Psychology will need to push back the envelope to find the origins of countless adult personality problems, physical symptoms, and serious afflictions if Arthur Janov’s theories are borne out. In Life Before Birth, he cites study after study showing how experience in the womb and at birth have enduring life consequences, laying the foundation for later life anxiety and depressive disorders, heart attacks, and cancer. During pregnancy and the first years of life, events are imprinted on the system and affect how aggressive or passive we will become, how despairing or optimistic we will be, and even how long we will live. This remarkable follow-up to the 1970 international bestseller The Primal Scream will have a profound impact on psychotherapy as we know it, pushing back the focus of doctors to events during pregnancy that can no longer be ignored.